Personal Information Collection Notices Applicants

During the recruitment process, the Reserve Bank of Australia (Reserve Bank) collects personal information concerning applicants including details of the applicant's identity, address, contact details, education, qualifications, skills, professional experience, employment situation and eligibility to work in Australia (the Information).

The Reserve Bank uses the Information for the primary purposes of assessing an applicant's suitability for employment with the Reserve Bank and communicating with the applicant during the recruitment process. In the event that an applicant is ultimately offered, and accepts, employment with the Reserve Bank, the Information will form part of that applicant's employment records.

The Reserve Bank also uses the Information for the following secondary purposes:

  • complying with any applicable legal and regulatory obligations;
  • monitoring and reviewing the Reserve Bank's recruitment practices; and
  • in the event that an application is unsuccessful – unless the applicant asks us not to retain their information on file, considering the applicant's suitability for alternative employment opportunities with the Reserve Bank which may arise in the future.

The Information is collected:

  • via the Reserve Bank's dedicated recruitment website which is hosted and maintained by PageUp People Pty Ltd, a third-party service provider engaged by the Reserve Bank for this purpose;
  • directly from an applicant during any communications during the recruitment process;
  • via an applicant's referees nominated by the applicant for this purpose
  • if the application is made through, or on referral by, a recruitment agency, from that agency; and
  • from employment marketplaces or employment oriented social networking services such as LinkedIn.

If the Information were not collected then the Reserve Bank would not be able to assess the applicant's suitability for employment with the Reserve Bank.

Some of the Information, including information regarding an applicant's skills and professional experience, is of a kind which the Reserve Bank will usually disclose to an applicant's referees in order to verify that information (this could be in Australia or overseas). The Reserve Bank is unlikely to disclose the Information to any other overseas recipients.

The Reserve Bank also collects, at the option of each applicant, personal information concerning the applicant's gender and age, and personal information regarding whether the applicant has a disability or impairment, is from a non-English speaking background, or identifies as an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander (the Optional Diversity Information). The Optional Diversity Information is collected in the same manner as the Information, except that the Reserve Bank does not collect the Optional Diversity Information from an applicant's referees.

The Optional Diversity Information is used, on an aggregate and anonymised basis, to inform the Reserve Bank's programs and policies that support workplace equity and diversity and to publicly report on equity and diversity at the Reserve Bank.

If the Optional Diversity Information were not collected, the Reserve Bank would not be able to utilise the information for these purposes, but there would be no impact on the Reserve Bank's ability to assess the applicant's suitability for employment with the Reserve Bank.

The Optional Diversity Information is of a kind which the Reserve Bank does not usually disclose to persons or organisations outside the Reserve Bank (except, as noted above, as part of public reporting on an aggregate and anonymised basis).

Individuals are entitled under Australian privacy law in certain circumstances to access, and seek correction of, personal information about them held by the Reserve Bank. If you wish to access or update the personal information the Reserve Bank holds about you, or if you have an enquiry or complaint about how the Reserve Bank handles personal information, you can contact:

Phone +61 2 9551 9640
Postal Address Head of Talent Acquisition
Human Resources Department
Reserve Bank of Australia
GPO Box 3947

More information about access, correction and complaints is in the Reserve Bank's Privacy Policy.