Lenders' Interest Rates

Lenders' interest rates are published 25 business days after the end of each month.

Housing Rates

Business Rates

Lenders' Rates Table

Housing and Business Rates[a]
September 2020
Loan purpose Outstanding loans
% per annum
New loans
% per annum
Housing (Table F6)
– Principal-and-interest3.092.62
– Interest-only3.863.28
– Principal-and-interest3.392.90
– Interest-only3.773.13
Business (Table F7)
Small business4.633.84
Medium business2.921.93
Large business1.681.47

a) Includes loans at variable and fixed interest rates

Sources: APRA; RBA

For more details see Statistical Table F6 – Housing Lending Rates and Statistical Table F7 – Business Lending Rates.